March 21-22, 2013
Potsdam, Germany

Nonlinear Data Analysis and Modeling: Advances, Applications, Perspectives
Conference on the occasion of Prof. Jürgen Kurths' 60th birthday.

Invited Speakers

  • Kazuyuki Aihara: Complex Systems Modelling for Personalised Medicine
  • Stefano Boccaletti: Scales and topology emerge spontaneously from synchronization of adaptive networks
  • Friedrich-Wilhelm Gerstengarbe: The complete non-hierarchical cluster analysis to describe climate changes
  • Michael Ghil: Boolean delay equations, networks and damage propagation
  • Celso Grebogi: Conductance Fluctuations in Graphene Systems: The Relevance of Classical Dynamics
  • Shlomo Havlin: From Single Network to Network of Networks
  • Holger Kantz: Surprises when comparing data based to model based predictions
  • Reinhold Kliegl: Nonlinear cognitive science
  • Ljupco Kocarev: Influence of the network topology on epidemic spreading
  • M. Lakshmanan: Applications of Nonlinear Dynamics to Spintronics: STNOs and Microwave Generation
  • Klaus Lehnertz: Nonlinear dynamics and complex networks in epilepsy
  • Elbert Macau: Isochronal Synchronization in Complex Network with Propagation Delay
  • Grigory Osipov: Sequential activity in neuronal networks
  • Lou Pecora: Tunneling and Conductances in Regular and Chaotic Quantum Dots cancelled
  • Arkady Pikovsky: Reconstructing oscillator networks from multivariate data
  • Mamen Romano: Ribosome traffic dynamics in gene expression regulation
  • Guenther Ruediger: Why do newborn neutron stars rotate so slowly? — Magnetic instabilities in the laboratory
  • Lutz Schimansky-Geier: Stochastic Models for Active Particles
  • Leonard Smith: Unpopular Essays of Jürgen Kurths: Practicalities and Predictability
  • Ruedi Stoop: A complete dynamical systems based model of the peripheral auditory system
  • Niels Wessel: The Heart of/in Physics
  • Alexey Zaikin: Coupling, Synchronization and Noise in AGNLD
  • Changsong Zhou: Quantitative analysis and modeling of interacting human activities